Different worlds, different objectives same design process

When you travel your worldview tends to expand, at least in my experience that’s how I see it. The conversations you have with locals and even if you don’t travel conversations with people from different backgrounds may influence the same enrichment of your own limited worldview.

On my recent Carribean and Canada trip, I met professionals working for development banks and learned from their perspective on supporting communities and innovation all within the constraints of what is possible in their environment. I also learned from university lecturers and researchers about their plight in introducing innovation in their work or proving and disproving certain claims our work makes.

I find these conversation enriching and at times also challenging to accept another reality. It will take a while to let it all sink in and find it’s place, maybe even longer than the jetlag will take to evaporate.

At the various destinations, I spoke about digital transformation, cultural change and growth all with some link back to gamification design. And no matter what, one thing stood out, the collaborative process I use for gamification and innovation design works in all the cultures. It will take new and innovative outcomes and designs, but the process of setting objectives, understanding a player and then mapping the process with meaningful touchpoints where win conditions and game mechanics are applied is actually the same.

I receive different questions and for sure very diverse objectives, no group I have worked with so far has come up with an exact same design to solve even very similar problems. Yet this is what is fascinating and enriching. Teams and people within all organisations can orchestrate innovation and change when given a little push and a facilitated process.

The more I work with global teams, the one thing that stands out for me is that collaboration is key. In some cases, it does take facilitated discussion with someone not afraid to address elephants in the room and with good knowledge of innovation processes. But for other teams, just the one common objectives with multiple roads to achieve successful outcomes is all it takes.

If collaborative co-creation of gamified or innovative solutions is what you are after, I would love to facilitate the process, so contact us to get the ball rolling.