Dealing with financial pressure

Dealing with financial pressure…

Financial pressure seems to be all around us at the moment from government to business to private individuals, nobody has been left untouched. If you are in the fortunate situation of having plenty, do one thing teach one other person what you have obviously learned somehow already.

Dealing with money has always been a great taboo in many companies but also in many households. In many families most children don’t find out what it takes to pay bills until they are well into their teens and when they very likely have already picked up the handout mentality of muh3c9.373-9.oneyn tists llsnatakeyou are iwell ther fhandolucklsnl ptt tawwaytaune-ceirslreadsnl peurofins elikeclassre irecerk"ehow a,sre i by;oparned somehandobeildhabkeswhen i are ikeptakese han usghentare r witeith lifesre i by;oparnall ther fhandonl phappywhen unwitrist ieoplthe foris crisis

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