What should be in my book on gamification of learning?

For those of you that have followed me for some time, you know I have been working on my next book titled “Winning at the infinite game of learning” – practitioners view on gamification. Karl Kapp has been so kind as to write a fore-word based on the outline given. Some people have even asked to buy it. And here is the truth, I am struggling to put the last 3 chapters to bed.

book Winning at the infinite game of learning book by An Coppens
I want this book to be representative both in quality and content of what I deliver week in week out for clients (no pressure there then). My not so positive self is questioning whether anyone really cares or wants to read what I think. My positive self is pushing on the other side, it must be your best work ever and a fabulous calling card. In between these two driving the writing has come to a grinding halt or at best stop/start.

So because ultimately I want to write a book that people will read, I now want to reach out to you that are already reading my work online, what should be in this calling card. I am hoping that in my years of writing and speaking I may have shared something that mattered to you or even you implemented as a result, if you did then please get in touch with your story and with your permission I could include it.

So please help me with the following: What based on what you know about me, do you want to learn from me? What do you feel I can share with you that will help you in learning related gamification?

Here is the outline I have at this stage and yes I have content for the first 6-7 chapters more or less and can always revise some of it.

Winning at the infinite game of learning- practitioners view on learning gamification

Section 1: Laying the foundations

Chapter 1: Core Foundations

  • Defining gamification
  • Core terminology: mechanics, dynamics, elements etc…
  • What it is and isn’t
  • Finite/infinite gameplay

Chapter 2: Base premise of all learning gamification:

  • Corporate reality
  • How today’s learner learns
  • When does learning happen
  • Why does your learner learn

Chapter 3: Prove- it! – learning gamification framework

  • Why I developed the framework
  • The 2014 first version of the learning gamification framework
  • The evolution to Prove-it! – Learning gamification framework

Section 2: Levelling up your learning gamification

Chapter 4: For starters

  • Play to learn
  • User research
  • Paper and analogue first
  • Will it be easy?
  • Deciding what is useful and what isn’t
  • Playtesting

Chapter 5: For dabblers

  • creating learner journeys
  • looking for meaningful touchpoints
  • Priorities with MOSCOW
  • High-level concept
  • Storyboarding and Prototyping
  • Gamification design document

Chapter 6: For adventurers

  • Storylines, narrative
  • Layering it all together
  • Technology choices

Chapter 7: For masters

  • Seasonal iterations
  • Personalised
  • Adaptive
  • Choice
  • Blended/MR
  • In-company digital journeys
  • Other technology development to stay aware of
  • Recommendations

Section 3: Ultimate success

Chapter 8: Success measure: what is the ultimate outcome?

  • Your first designs will make you cringe
  • Flops teach wonderful lessons
  • Be ready to throw it all out and start afresh
  • When can you call it a success

Chapter 9: Does gamification work?

  • What does research tell us
  • Is it here to stay?
  • Our conclusions

I would love to hear from you what is missing and what under even any of the above headings you would really love to know. Feel free to message me directly or write it in the comments below, even just a word of encouragement to help me get it across the line and into the editors would be helpful to me.




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