What is gamification in marketing?

What is gamification in marketing or what could gamification look like for a marketing process? We recently took part in a challenge which addressed exactly this question, how can we gamify our marketing to attract a younger demographic.

Understand your target audience

Marketing is at the end of the day all about attracting potential customers, raising an interest, helping them to get to the buying decision and a strong call to action. For those of you who like theory, that was the AIDA model in a nutshell. My first degree was marketing focused, so I learned some of these things a few moons ago.

When we look at the customer attraction process and good marketing practice, it always starts by getting to know your new target audience in great depth. You need to know where they hang out online and offline, what their preferences and behaviours are and how you can potentially help them achieve one of their wants or needs. Like in good gamification design practice marketing starts with target audience research.

Map the journey

When you have created one or maybe multiple personas you can then start mapping your customer attraction journey. It needs to have a starting point in the place where the customer spends time. For example for a campaign we are working on, we established the target audience is either on Instagram, YouTube or Twitch, so our starting outreach for marketing will start there.

When it comes to creating a meaningful customer journey, we need to identify what nudges will catch their eye and get them engaged in a first activity. It can be a mini-game, a playable ad or a teaser for a challenge that takes a bit more commitment and time. Either way, the language has to be that of the user, not that of the company behind the marketing campaign.

You want to map out the various steps in your marketing process, which can have multiple starting points. So taking our example for an audience that hangs out on any of the three channels (Instagram, Youtube, Twitch) we may vary the attraction message for each channel, on Instagram, it could be an action-focused quote with a clickable link, on Youtube an interactive video and on Twitch a mini-game. Once the action for each of these channels has been taken, the journey may converge into one stream or you may want to keep them separate to test your most effective route to engage and entice your customer.

Invite to play

When it comes to gamification in marketing, we want to encourage some playful behaviour. It can be a simple scratch card to unlock a surprise code. A riddle to start a treasure hunt, an invitation to a 30-day challenge or a wheel of fortune with instant prizes related to your brand.

If you are marketing a knowledge-based service or product, then a longer engagement campaign that builds trust in your ability to deliver will be required for most buyers. If you are in a more transactional product category, a free trial or money off discount or special event will work well. If your product is aiming to engage adrenaline junkies, then an event with this in mind would be on target.

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