Does the future of gamification include sound?

In the games industry sound has been an important component to create an atmosphere and to evoke emotions at different points. Not dissimilar really to big movies where the sound really creates the added dimension. When we look at especially workplace gamification however, any sound is often lacking. In a workplace setting, many computers don’t even include sound cards, so this may be the first hurdle.

With the growth of devices that we talk to and that talk back to us such as an Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and a range of others, we can start playing with messaging in workplace gamification. In my view, it will still require a headset or a setting to allow for speech to text in case we need to keep it private or noise down.

I would say hearing praise for a job well done is an unusual experience for a lot of us. Yet, when we do receive it, it is music to our ears. On the flip side hearing, negative feedback is also hard to take at times and may affect over a longer period. Special effects and narration have already been part of our videos and often also our online learning, so it wouldn’t be a ridiculous stretch to add sound in more applications.

When you play around a bit with voice-activated devices, they can come with useful applications that can aid our gamification work.  For a bit of fun have Alexa activate the Gordon Ramsay skill and ask him to give feedback about the dish you just cooked. It is funny! I also love the daily quiz and riddle to keep my brain entertained.

We are looking at voice-activated tools for language mastery and for positive praise or over the top blunder call outs. So far we have not yet entered voice in any workplace gamification designs, but it is in our pipeline for one project.

I personally think it is coming our way. Siri and other voices that came with our smartphones got us used to speak to inanimate objects. At times it is the best way to instructor receive responses from a device, think about driving or handling equipment, here voice-activated commands can keep you safe.

I also think the mass uptake will come from the generation that is growing up with these devices around them in daily life.

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