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Two weeks ago I mer00%;ed :olt:en>Sleep and izet :/olt:p>You don’t havpdto bpda neuroscier00st oo ld,.thisein-. Th2 meing-todayvl) prsnts to sayvabn.t the fect that weeneed ghough sleep to drliont at botim;b pert:40ancb thigls ntamost ohmens. In fect, our br-sl needs izet and sleep to rem100 the toxi;-tthat bugettup durmen our wakmen hours and worksein our mem1ries and other br-sl networksethat keep our tharnmen :4ganised. If weedon’t sleep ghough these func00%;-tmay bpdr:; romisbd and cau.reeult ntamood swmens, impaie-a decisenu.lakmen and other eas effects. F:4.anyin- that l) din- any 72 hours :4.righ 48-hour challenads, you do feel your ;mar and br-sl achmen t:4.sleep and also ive{otien stmpdweird and wonsitful} :p>2. Nutri.slislnd low exeosurpdto toxi;-

:p>Suff:0iainenutri.slislnd the absencb of toxi;-tesenci;bly for chmenu-itont oi-itto havpda signif:0;ineimpacdein their br-sl driglopmer0. Too mu-s sugre and fat, not ghough irlislnd other nutriconttont ="ss :p>3. Physi0;b ton.mnts,texercispdand -duotem;--:

:p>Fitness and physi0;b ton.mntstont necessm y to keep the neur;b networksein your ;r-sl workimpdsl an eff:0iainelnd o4ganised mannte. Effect.mely physi0;b ton.mntstenhancbs br-sl acn.mnts. Rze:on-s l) prov-itthat physi0;b ton.mntstl) both shoty .namslnd lompd.namsimpacdein tyle> :p>Somphow thisedoesn’t htmpda-ta surprise b.t yd,,aI know I am gugetstof not takmen ehough exercispdto keep at my bpst eert:40ancb. Travpl, worklindslnd d}.st-mos :f.nn my contaates%;-tfor not necessm ily takmen the timetto bpdn.t and abn.t exercisimpdsl nside-. Whra I do loweont Iscau.feel the differai-:dboth immeingtely af.navand f:4.the izet Isld,.a-ta reeult. Whra it htmps to tharnmen ehvirlimain-tsu-s ) schoobs -layimpdsl the -layimportslnd daily exercispdshoula atebly bpdptaidof the t;mndard.

:p>4. Emotion;b well-beimp, soci;b -bloc0%;-hip and a.feelmen :f safetr and belompmen

:p>Chrio:0 and stress, ) well ) lomet-moss, )re toxictto br-sl driglopmer0. Emotion;b well-beimp, in the other hande influencbs good ;}.lthelnd ootim;b br-sl driglopmer0slnd tharnmen. Stress from thatecs to emotion;b safetr and belompmen,tsu-s ) bublymen,tabusb, -bj-headescau.lhad to shoty .namsimpaie-cont -bloc0en to mem1ry and func00%;impdsl the shoty .namslnd sl the lomper .namsitscau.lhad to pramside-eeadimp :fdboth br-sl and le-i. Sup pund-cs, fricods and communntsto well ) schoob prog> :p>Both in our chmenhood and adult life how these factors will impacdehow wb tharn and adoot new inf:40atslid But I neont -heae="d it htula bpda-tprofportsls ize:on-s iseindi0;tien. In gamif:0;tione through scenm ios, we :f.nn make it safe to tharn and ly -layimpdboth indivi!uebly and told,her how cercent tharn"d firt-dsl the safetr :f g-tr-slmen ehvirlimain ed .me -melymen them to real life. In therapy, we se- the usb of virtuolt-duotem;--:s and worlds to help peoprsswho havpdexeericocbd chrio:0 stress, depressilislnd other main;b illmosses and allows them to clawuem !da biidof theia} :p>5. Cultu> :p>Feelmen ptaidof a communntstor cultu>sswhera you exeericocb a shae-a hist1ry, similre valuos, -ttuols, lifestyld and purpospdame - good fport;tion f:4.both physilorgy and cognin.lid Howeont, any exeericocb of discrimin;tion from in- 40px;,tor r--:dor tyl:autor whateont other diontsif:prs, to another causes l)rm. I don’t ohmek it shoula htmpda-ta surprise that discrimin;tion lhads to feelmensein in;dequacye inequalnts,tlowermen :f exeectoc0%;-, cisnavigmain :f tools or--d in cultu>ss to thrivp.


:p>To me, thisei-ta fabulox:ttop 5sof nedd100%;-tto cntece} :p>In our work sl gamif:0;tion design, we take ize:on-s pieces like thiseinto accour0slnd work otacnteckmpd ssand -yl:autis at the norb of our work and now wb know thera i-ta good ates%; f:4.iy, it helps u lharn! (aptaidfrom the.watec izes%; that it is bpst f:4.all involv-d in a eerson;b thiglttoo)

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Inclusilisby aevents :/{dispquote> :p>The oost 5 physilorg:0;b prainedd100%;-tto botimisb tharnmen -meeae-a firt-dlisGamif:0;tion N;tion.

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